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Nokia Manual
Nokia Manual

Nokia Manual – Nokia is back to fight in mobile phone market battle with its upcoming smartphone series.  Nokia was a king in phone market a decade ago but was fell off since the Android phones arisen. Almost everyone who had phones ten years ago knew Nokia well, as it was part of their life. Now let’s take a look at the history and the journey of the iconic Nokia.

Nokia History

Nokia’s history was started hundreds of years ago in south-western Finland. Fredrik Idestam established a paper mill in 1865 at the Tammerkoski Rapids in south-western Finland which someday will be the great Nokia. Fredrik Idestam named his company Nokia Ab in 1871. The name Nokia itself was inspired by the Nokianvirta River where his second mill located.

In the next thirty years, Nokia enters the electricity market. In 1918, the company was then acquired by Finnish Rubber Works which was founded by Eduard Polón in 1898. Four years later, Finnish Rubber Works also acquired Finnish Cable Works, a company founded by Arvid Wickström. These companies kept their work separately until Nokia Corporation was born in 1967.

The name of Nokia was started to jump up with the launch of Mobira Senator, the world’s first car-phone.  Previously, the company also launched Nordic Mobile Telephone Network, the world’s first international cellular system.

Nokia Mobile Phones

In 1984, Nokia launched Mobira Talkman which was claimed as the first transportable phones. Weighting about five kilograms, the phone could be used inside and outside of the car.

In 1987, the company released Mobira Cityman 900, the company’s first compact and hand-held mobile phone. Weighing 800 gram and sold at around $5,456, Nokia had succeeded in selling the device. The phone became so famous after Mikhail Gorbachev, Soviet Union president, made a call from Helsinki to Moscow with the device during a press conference in 1987. The phone was even nicknamed as The Gorba.

Within the next years, Nokia had some problems in its profit due to the price competition in electronic markets. The company was then had a new leader after its previous chairman, Kari Kairamo, committed suicide. The new management divided Nokia into six units only.

In 1989, Nokia Mobile Phones was born and replaced Nokia-Mobira Oy. This was when the company started to focus on mobile phone business. Within the next two years, the company finally produced Nokia 1011 (Mobira Cityman 2000), the first hand-held GSM phone. The phone was successfully sold at around twenty million units worldwide.

In 1996, Nokia launched two phones, Nokia 9000 Communicator, and Nokia 8110 slider phone. The company had its biggest success in 1998 with its 6100 series. The device was successfully sold 41 million units and had lead the company to be the best cellular phone maker during the year.

In the same year, Nokia also launched the 8810, the company’s first phone without an external antenna. Nokia 3210 was then released the next year. This device was one of the most popular phones in the worlds as it was successfully sold at around 160 million units.

The company released Nokia 7650 which had a built-in camera and a full-color display. In 2002, Nokia 6650 and Nokia 3650 were launched.

Nokia still got its success in 2003, with Nokia 1100, which was successfully sold to 250 million units. The phones were the best-selling phone in the world. It was also known as the world’s best-selling consumer electronics product. Nokia still produces many phones after the iconic Nokia 1100.

Nokia was a king in mobile phones, but the company had to struggle to keep its existence since the internet era. The situation was getting worse for Nokia since the launch of Android 1.0. , while at the same time Apple started its success in mobile phone market.

In 2009 had to make 1,700 jobs. Nokia has then realized that it was too slow to react to the new mobile phone market. Meanwhile, many new companies were entering the market like Samsung, Apple, BlackBerry, HTC, and LG. Nokia, during this difficult time, had to keep the job cuts in the following years.

Nokia Windows Phone

Nokia tried to win back its market with its Windows Phone, the company’s partnership with Microsoft. This partnership produced the Lumia 800 and Lumia 710. However, in 2011, Apple was started to lead the smartphone market.

Nokia finally closes its oldest factory in Finland in 2012 while in the same year it also moved its manufacturing to Asia. Nokia found its largest market in Asia after this. However, Nokia kept losing its profit making it had to keep the job cuts.

In 2014, Nokia finally sold its Devices & Services division as well as its patents and mapping services to Microsoft. However, the company’s Chennai factory in India and the Masan factory in South Korea were not part of the deal.

Nokia Manual

Today, Nokia is back and is trying to win back its success in mobile phone market with its upcoming smartphone series. Nokia started to show its power with Nokia 6, the company’s first Android phone, which was successfully sold out within a few minutes in China. The handset is coming to US and UK soon. Nokia is also about to release some phones in MWC this year like Nokia 8, a new Nokia tablet, Nokia E1, and Nokia D1C. Nokia is back, and we are here to assist you well with your new Nokia phones with our Nokia User Guide. Find out more news, tips, and Nokia manual here. Welcome back, Nokia!

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