Nokia 3 Review

Nokia 3 Review

Nokia 3 Review: Everything You Need To Know

Nokia 3 Review – Nokia is now back to the smartphone market by releasing the three Nokia-branded Android phone after it also releases the reboot of the famous Nokia 3310 for a startup. Nokia 3 is one of the three new Nokia-branded Android smartphones launched this year with the most affordable price. It is one of the best-looking cheap smartphones on the market today. Although it is a cheap Android phone, it has some great software inside with a battery life that will get you through the day. As it is cheap, we can’t complain about its terrible performance, bad display, and disappointing unreliable camera. If you think that appearance is an important matter when choosing a smartphone, then Nokia 3 can be your good pick with this budget price. Anyway, if you are still considering about this new handset manufactured by HMD Global, probably you need to read this Nokia 3 review to get a quick buying guide for you. Anyway, let’s see everything you need to know about Nokia 3 in the quick review below.


Nokia 3 has a 5-inch 720 display that provides a clear enough picture but it can be a little dark, and also some may not love the picture quality of this phone when it is used to watch a video or use apps. It is an IPS LCD type with 67.16% screen to body ratio. For protecting the flawless surface from any possible scratches, Nokia 3 also has a Gorilla Glass coating so that the flawless surface will last longer. Anyway, we don’t want to complain about the resolution of Nokia 3’s display because it is not really the issue when it still produces the sharp pictures and text. What we don’t like is the way it reproduces colors.


Let’s leave the inside out of the Nokia 3 to see this budget phone design that is quite impressive and good looking enough for the price level. It has a blocky rectangle design with a matte plastic back and a metal rim. The slightly rounded corners and sides of this phone make it easy to grip. With the 5-inch display of 1280×720 resolution screen in a compact polycarbonate body, this cheap phone looks impressively premium with a rounded aluminum frame and a soft-touch finish on the back of this phone’s body that makes it looks lovely. If you ever want a high-end looking phone at an affordable price, then this phone is made for you.

You might think that the resolution of this phone is far from your expectation of current smartphones, but the visual is still crisp and bright. With this 5-inch display, this phone can fit comfortably in your hand. Therefore, this design allows you to use the phone one-handed without running into any problems. This affordable Android phone is available in some color options those are Tempered Blue, Silver, Matte Black or Copper. It has a very slight camera bump, but it is symmetrical, with flash and Nokia logo on the rear of the device. For its connectivity, Nokia 3 has a headphone jack, Micro-USB (no USB-C here), and also a microSD slot to expand the onboard storage. Don’t think about the fingerprint sensor and water-proofing because it doesn’t have them.

The power button of this phone is on the right-hand side, and the button is quite small, especially for the one with larger fingers and thumbs. The volume button is just above this power button. From the right side of the phone, let’s move to the top edge where we can find the 3.5mm headphone jack that allows you to use wired headsets with the phone. On the bottom edge, there is a micro USB port in the center for charging and also data transfer.


Nokia 3 has a rear and front-facing camera just like the most smartphones. Regarding the price, it is not surprising that its camera struggles with capturing a good picture. Both the rear and front-facing cameras are 8MP, and the result of both cameras is just about social-network-friendly shots when there’s plenty of sunshine and little to no movement. Apart from this rear and front-facing camera lens, we do appreciate the camera app of this phone. Apparently, it is well designed with possibly too many features to offer for the optics to handle. You’ll find a manual mode that is slow and doesn’t seem to do a whole lot and also an HDR mode that is very slow and isn’t much use. Those features could be very good on the other phone.

When capturing images on the daylight, the results seem OK on occasion. We just find some issue with the focus system plods which about looking for a lock on the subject, and also double-tapping the lock-button to open the camera quickly which just leaves you with a black screen for a while. Don’t expect to get the pro-like images of this camera because the low megapixel count gives a grainy finish with plenty of noise. When we use the camera in the dark, the results are often unusable, and the focus of this camera grinds to a halt. Recording video using this camera is also disappointing because it is shaky, but the front-facing camera is pretty decent for taking selfies.

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Performance of Nokia 3 is far from the expectation of a budget phone. There are too many cut corners here, and although it is a cheap phone, the lag we’ll constantly encounter will make us feel that the price is too much for this phone. It is the measly MediaTek 6737 CPU, that is possibly the most under-powered processor you can find inside a smartphone. It shows a terrible performance even when doing basic tasks such as opening up a website in a browser or downloading an attachment in the email are a drawn-out process. When we launch more intensive apps, these crash constantly, and the classic system-hods will likely need to be frequently reinstalled if you want to keep it fresh.

Nokia 3 comes with the included 2GB of RAM which is the minimum needed on an Android phone. Therefore you’ll notice apps dropping from memory and they’ll require reloading very soon. There are no complaints with the 16GB storage because it is slightly acceptable, with a microSD slot for adding a little more storage space on the phone. When it comes to testing its gaming performance, it shows the low price apparently. The speaker is also terrible, but it has a fine quality of call and 4G connectivity.

Battery Life of Nokia 3

If we are so impressed with the battery life of Nokia 3310 remake, we won’t feel the same with the one of Nokia 3. Featuring a 2630mAh battery, this is not an impressive size for a smartphone. Charging this battery of Nokia 3 isn’t very fast, though. With the 5-inch 720p display, it is right that the phone isn’t power-hungry ones, but still, the battery doesn’t last that long. On a full charge, if we use the phone with typical usage of popular apps such as Spotify, social networking, and messaging throughout the day, we will find the phone died around at 7 pm or 8 pm. We got something that was irritating with this phone, that it often didn’t alert us when it was close to dying. Well, we can conclude that Nokia 3 is suitable for the first phone’s buyer who needs a budget phone with a premium feel where the phone look matter so much than the inside out.