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Nokia 3310 Manual

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Nokia 3310: All You Need to Know

Nokia 3310 User Guide: in the first quarter this year, Nokia relaunched the classic Nokia 3310 which was firstly released in 2000 to ignite the old love for this legendary mobile phone. The company has revamped the nostalgic reborn phone with more than ten times of battery life, a color screen, a camera, and all features from the old version. The user also can use this phone to browse the internet, email and also Twitter.


The phone reborn is the return of the innocent days of text messages, credit, polyphonic ring tones and also the legend game “Snake.” Thus, it takes only a short section to discuss the features of revamped Nokia 3310. Although we told you that the company had made some changes to the remake version of this device, still it doesn’t have much to impress you or any other Nokia fans but its nostalgia value as one of the most popular mobile phones of all time. The reborn version can make calls and send texts just like what we can do with the old version. It can also play mp3s or listen to your favorite FM radio as the part of its improvements. With the added camera to the remake version, it now can take photos just like the most standard current phones can do. The user can also use the new 3310 to browse the internet, email, and Twitter. Sadly, it can’t do anything with WhatsApp and Facebook.

Although the phone has had some improvements with some modern features, the old legend game “Snake” is still there in the new 3310 as the nostalgia value of the phone. With the legendary battery life of Nokia 3310, you can use this reborn phone to manage 22 hours of talk time in every single charge. It is what the current phone can’t do, isn’t it? It doesn’t have a significant big capacity of removable battery but only 1200mAh. Still, this number means a lot for the reborn Nokia 3310 version so that it can last significantly longer than the current phone’s battery. The legend can last up to a month in standby mode.

Color Options

The iconic rounded phone is available in four color options to choose from Yellow (glossy), dark blue (matte), warm red (glossy), and grey (matte).

Price and Availability

The device price is about £49.99 (around $65, AU$90) which is just the right price for a secondary phone purchase. This phone is now available in the UK, but it is not yet in the US and Australia.

Nokia 3310 User Guide

The revamped Nokia 3310 comes with some additional features that differentiate it from its old version. The new phone has a primary camera 2MP with LED flash that enables the new phone to capture images and videos. Although it won’t be able to use this camera for something great, it is enough to boost the return of this iconic phone. Besides that, the user also can use this 3310 reborn to play mp3s and FM radio. There are several more features of the 3310 to delve more like browsing the internet, Twitter, and email. As a dual SIM mobile that accepts Micro-SIM on both slots (which is the original version didn’t have it), the firm makes it worth to buy this secondary phone for a backup.

Nokia 3310 Manual PDF

If you want to know more details on how to use the camera on the new 3310, you can read our Nokia 3310 manual. You’ll learn how to capture images, and record videos using the camera easily by reading our Nokia 3310 user guide. You’ll find everything you need to know to get the most of the phone, including how to play mp3, listen to FM radio and some more on the device.

You can also download the printable pdf version of Nokia 3310 User Guide to get everything you need to know for using Nokia 3310 reborn and get the most of it.

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