Nokia 3310 Review

Nokia 3310 Review

Nokia 3310 Review: Everything You Need To Know

Nokia 3310 Review – Nokia 3310 original is arguably one of the most popular mobile phones of all time. Talking about this Nokia 3310 took us to the nostalgia in the past about its near-indestructible build, long-lasting battery life, and also the legendary Snake. If there is any phone that can sell itself on nostalgia alone, that phone must be the Nokia 3310. HMD Global has jumped at the chance to reignite the love for a phone which was once the leading brand in the mobile market by releasing the new version of Nokia 3310. The revamped Nokia 3310 is a nostalgia-fueled re-release that had stolen all attention of the MWC 2017 when HMD Global as the manufacturer of current Nokia-branded phones announced it. Well, this phone can’t fo anything as well as modern smartphones can, but for a cheap phone, this may suit you as a second device to keep in your bag for emergencies. At first, we might assume that feature phone like this Nokia 3310 would be at a disadvantage, they lack many of the features we’ve come to depend on most. With the launch of Nokia 3310, most of us may wonder if this phone can find a place among smartphones today.

We have moved onto today’s smartphone with all features we love on it. Now, Nokia 3310 suddenly took our heart back to the past with all of its iconic keypad, navigation button, and more. It is appealing to find out whether this phone is a much-needed blast from the past, or it is better for us just to leave it untouched. Here, we’ll see more about it in this Nokia 3310 review. By the way, better of less, HMD Global has updated the Nokia 3310 with support for 3G networks which makes it a worldwide phone. This reinvented phone is not going to replace a smartphone. But you might want one after you read our review below. There are quite much to take from this phone, which feels like the old version.

2017 Nokia 3310 Price and Release Date

The 2017 Nokia 3310 price is about £49.99 (around $65, AU$90). This price places this phone as a perfect secondary phone purchase. For both big fans of Nokia and festival goers, this price is just perfect. For someone who didn’t spend his childhood with this Nokia 3310, the price may seem too much for purchasing a ‘dumb phone’ because there are some similarly spec’s feature phones with almost half the price. There are many better handsets out there for you that offer you value for money. The revamped Nokia 3310 hits the market on 24 May at various mobile operators.

Design of Nokia 3310

The re-released Nokia 3310 is both immediately familiar and also subtly original. Although it has the same name of its original version, the new phone has undergone a redesign. If we look at the new Nokia 3310, the front design looks like the younger and slightly more attractive sibling of the original version. The new version has the retro throwback with its distinctive border around the screen and also the layout of the ‘num’ keys. The design is slimmer and modern make it supremely pocketable. You won’t realize it is in your pocket because it is a small and light phone. As a cheap secondary phone, this phone is made of plastic that makes it not quite impressive.

Considering the plastic construction of Nokia 3310, it still feels comfortable to hold, and it is different with some phone made with of which can easily slip out of your hand. Probably, this revamped version is not as legendary sturdy as the original version, but it should be able to take a few knocks that other phones out there you can buy in 2017. Although it is made of plastic, it is available in many attractive color options those are the traditional dark blue, grey, new psychedelic yellow, and warm red colors. Overall, the design of the new Nokia 3310 feels freshened up, and it is one reason for some people who are disappointed with this phone that doesn’t look more like the original version. It would have been good for the revamped Nokia 3310 to follow the original a little more closely regarding look. Anyhow, it is a design that remains practical and also functional. It comes with a familiar keypad, but it is almost unusable because of the terrible backlight that makes the numbers and also letters unreadable in anything but just a pitch-of black room. Like the 2000 Nokia 3310, the new device feels durable enough, although I was focused on snapping the whole part of this phone in half when I prised off the back panel of the phone to get to the SIM slot. There’s one thing on the top of its new design; it has a micro-USB charging port, and also a headphone jack on the bottom side.

Nokia 3310 Display

Don’t ever think about the display of modern smartphone which has much room. Nokia 3310 has a low-resolution screen, and it is only 2.4 inches big. But it is better than the display of the old version because it is now bright and full color. The low-resolution which is only 240 x 320 is not particularly impressive, and it feels obvious when you are looking at photos. Anyway, this display is enough for running basic tasks such as calling and texting. Probably that is the reason why HMD Global doesn’t put a super crisp display, besides for enabling a low price. Anyway, it is needless to say though, because you won’t use the phone to watch any videos on it and the available gaming is graphically basic. And there is one more thing; it is not a touch-screen display where you can tap on it to interact. You have to use the button below the screen to navigate around the phone.

Nokia 3310 Performance

The new Nokia 3310 allows you to do a lot more than you can do on the original version, but still, the experience of the revamped Nokia 3310 is limited. It doesn’t have Android software as we can see on the most modern smartphones. Instead, it is running Nokia’s feature phone OS. Just like the original version, this new one comes with a variety of basic apps, folders and also functions. Those are including Call Logs, Messaging, Contacts, Photos, Internet, Snake, Mobile Store, My Apps, Camera, Apps and Games, Radio, Music, Weather, Settings, Notes, Calculator, Notes, Extras, Alarm Clock, Files, Counters, and Voice Recorder. Anyway, we don’t recommend you to use this phone for accessing internet although it has this ability because it will be seriously frustrating as you have to navigate and type using physical buttons and get it slow loading internet browser.

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Camera and Battery Life of Nokia 3310

We don’t understand why this phone has a camera. We found that the 2MP sensor here wouldn’t call what it produces photographs. They more look like smudges of colors on a background, and also they’re virtually impossible to get off the phone. There’s no way to send images in this phone to anywhere else. However, we won’t find much reason to complain about its battery life. Probably, it is the only reason for anyone to buy this phone. Until now, there’s no smartphone’s battery can last weeks, without needing a recharge. But this is possible with Nokia 3310 battery which can comfortably last a week of use, and Nokia claims that the battery of new Nokia 3310 will live for a month on standby. So, if you need a secondary phone just to keep in touch just for calling or texting with a long-lasting battery life, this phone is perfect for you.