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Nokia 5 Manual

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Nokia 5: Everything You Need to Know

Nokia 5 Manual: Nokia 5 is a mid-range smartphone that apparently aims to compete with the likes of the Redmi Note 4. It is the best-looking smartphone is its cost bracket, with the all-metal body of this phone design that provides a premium finish to make it a more expensive device. This year, HMD Global launches Nokia 5 and four other handsets Nokia 3310 remake, Nokia 3, Nokia 6, and Nokia 8 as the comeback of the Nokia-branded phone on today’s market.


Nokia 5 has a premium metal design that makes it as the more expensive phone than Nokia 3 with the latest stock Android software. Besides the appearance design, we’ll see further more about the fingerprint scanner of this phone that provides security option to secure the phone. The inclusion of this fingerprint scanner on the front of this device can be a big plus to provide an extra layer of security and also an easy way to unlock the phone. The fingerprint scanner of Nokia 5 is located below the screen, doubles as the home navigation key which is not available on many phones at this price. This sensor is efficient and reasonably responsive although it is not as fast as the second-generation Touch ID on the high-end smartphone like iPhone. You may need to present your finger for more than once in a few times to unlock the phone using the fingerprint sensor.

The phone has a rear and front-facing camera for the needs of a modern smartphone. The rear camera is 13MP, and it features a quick launch mechanism by double-pressing the power button. The controls of the camera app are straightforward to make it simpler to use. When capturing images in adequate light, it results in images with natural color with good details. Sadly, it struggles very much when capturing images in low light. We can conclude that Nokia 5 has a fast camera where shutter lag was rarely much of trouble, and the results are pretty good for the phone at this price.

The display of Nokia 5 has 720 HD display which is bright and clear, providing a good level of detail to images and also text alike. On this display, you can enjoy comfortably reading emails, watching videos and playing games on the 1280 x 720 screen of this device. Although it is not overly vibrant for the color reproduction of the display, it is still fine considering the price you should pay for this phone. Although it takes a bit longer to open a certain app, it can run stocks of handy apps including some favorite games very well. Anyway, this phone also comes with Google Assistant which can be quite helpful for the users.

Color Options

The Nokia 5 has a good-looking design which is available in four color options; those are copper, silver, black, and blue.

Price and Availability

Nokia 5 costs around  €189, and for the exact price in every country, it can vary depending on the tax and other local policies. For now, Nokia 5 is widely available.

In the box

  1. Charger
  2. Charging/data cable
  3. Headset
  4. Quick guide
  5. SIM door key


Operating system Android 7.1.1 Nougat
CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 430
Display 5.2″ IPS LCD
Resolution HD (1280 x 720, 16:9)
Internal memory 16 GB
MicroSD card up to 128 GB
Battery 3000 mAh battery

Nokia 5 User Guide

Although we don’t find any dominating features of Nokia 5, it still can run stock of Android apps well. With the rear and front facing camera quality of this phone, it can be tricky when using any of them for taking images or videos. Therefore, it needs a specific trick to get the expected results with both cameras. The presence of Google Assistant on this phone also another thing that is exciting to delve more in this phone. It will be appealing to find out step by step for using the fingerprint sensor of this phone. Although it doesn’t have an impressive performance, still it will be exciting to have some entertainment on this phone like playing the game for killing the leisure time, and so on.

Nokia 5 Manual PDF

If you decide to experience yourself how this phone runs every single app and how the features work on this phone, you can read our Nokia 5 manual. You’ll get more detail in this guide to use the Nokia 5’s camera in adequate light and low light. It will be interesting to find some helpful trick for optimizing the camera app of this phone to get results as good as possible.

If you need an offline copy, you can download the printable pdf version of Nokia 5 User Guide to get the most of your new phone.

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