Nokia 5 Review

Nokia 5 Review

Nokia 5 Review: Everything You Need To Know

Nokia 5 Review – Nokia name now belongs to a third party that is producing Nokia-branded phones to make this name big again. After launching the revamped Nokia 3310 to ignite the big fans of Nokia, HMD Global also launch Nokia 5 which sits marginally above the cheaper Nokia 3 and below the Nokia 6. It is the mid-range production in Nokia Android phone line up with the potential to be the best. Nokia 5 has a lot to like from its design to the latest stock of Android software. The slim and metal design of Nokia 5 is very comfortable to hold and looks smart. This design makes the budget-friendly phone looks and feels rather premium. Unluckily, people tend to focused on the inside that counts, and that’s the common part of the low-priced phone starts to become evident. So, it is appealing to delve more about Nokia 5 and see the inside out of the phone in this Nokia 5 Review.

Nokia 5 Design

Anyway, Nokia 5 is the best-looking Nokia Android smartphone in its price bracket, especially regarding its all-metal body that provides a premium finish that could easily be seen as a more expensive handset. The design is sleek, and seriously it doesn’t feel cheap at all when we hold it. It has rounded corners that provide a very ergonomic feel. The curved edges are nestling comfortably into the palm, and we can reach anywhere on the screen easily with the thumb. There is one more thing on Nokia 5, that is the presence of a fingerprint scanner below the display. This fingerprint scanner also doubles as the home navigation key of the phone. Regarding color option, Nokia 5 comes in four different colors: black, copper, silver, and blue. Speakers of this phone are located on the bottom of the device, and these are pretty loud. Additionally, Nokia 5 is drip resistant with IP52 certification. It means that it won’t survive if you take it when swimming.

Nokia 5 Display

Nokia 5 comes with clear and bright 720 HD display which is offering a good level of detail to images and text alike. With this screen, you can read emails, enjoy gaming sessions, and watch videos or movies comfortably with the 1280×720 display. When it comes to color reproduction, this display is not overly vibrant. So, you will notice it is duller to your eye when you put this LCD panel next to a device with an AMOLED screen. Anyhow, it is hard to knock the Nokia 5’s screen considering the price we are paying.

Nokia 5 Battery life

Battery life of Nokia 5 is not as impressive as the revamped Nokia 3310. It comes with a 3,000mAh battery, which should last a full day on a single charge with normal use (without gaming or watching videos). With this battery, it is almost impossible for Nokia 5 to survive more than a day without nightly plug-in required. So, if you tend to game or watch movie/video on your phone, the battery life will last shorter than a full day. Probably it lasts until the mid to late afternoon when it needs a top-up to make it last until bedtime. So, we can conclude that the battery life of Nokia 5 will drain quickly when it is pushed.

Nokia 5 Camera

Just like the most modern smartphones, Nokia 5 comes with two cameras, but these are not pretty impressive.The 13MP camera on the rear is promising on paper, but in fact, it is sluggish, and it doesn’t produce good pictures. There is an HDR mode here, but enabling it doesn’t make anything better. We still found that the images could look a little dark. We also found that the camera lack of detail and color throughout our shooting experience using Nokia 5 rear camera. It doesn’t have manual or pro mode that offers you control over settings such as white balance and shutter speed, but that’s no surprise at this end of the smartphone market. If you want to get a better result, you need to be patient in letting the app load up, and the focus settles, so you can get some decent images as long as there is enough lighting.

It is pretty simple to use the app with its large centralized shutter key, and then there are quick settings at the top of the screen that allows you to switch between the rear and front-facing cameras and toggle the flash, HDR and timer settings. Besides the centralized shutter key, you can also use the volume key to snapshots. For the front-facing camera of Nokia 5, there is an 8MP camera which is good enough for taking selfies, the odd Snapchat and Instagram post, and if you are not looking your best, there is a beauty mode built in the app.

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Nokia 5 Specs and Features

Inside the Nokia 5, there is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor which is also used in the Nokia 6. That processor is paired with Adreno 505 graphics and 2GB RAM. In practice, Nokia 5 showed plenty fast enough performance for running day-to-day tasks such as checking emails, sending messages, and browsing the web. We found that the apps on this phone open without much lag, including the camera app. Nokia 5 also has a 16GB of internal memory which is expandable up to 128GB via MicroSD. For connectivity, Nokia 5 has Bluetooth 4.1, and then NFC and LTE 4G, and on the top of the wired headphones there is a 3.5mm headphone jack. It also comes with a fingerprint sensor which is built into the home button which is almost always quick and responsive.

Software of Nokia 5

Nokia 5 is one of the first Nokia phones which runs the Android operating system. It comes with Android 7.7.7, with a full stock of Android software. That means, Nokia 5 has an intuitive interface and also no additional bloatware. It makes this phone as one of the cheapest ways to get stock Android. By the way, there is a Google Assistant on this phone as well. With all good things on Nokia 5, we can’t deny that it can be a good buy for anyone who is looking for an Android smartphone with less than £200. We don’t think that there’s something much better than this out there.

Nokia 5 Review: A low-priced smartphone with a better camera, stunning design, better performance, and stock of Android software.