Nokia 8 Review

Nokia 8 Review

Nokia 8 Review: Everything You Need To Know

Nokia 8 Review – Nokia 8 is the latest flagship of HMD Global after it took over Nokia name. It is unlike the Nokia 3, 5, and 6 which are all categorized as low-priced Android smartphones, Nokia 8 is designed as an actual flagship with a lot of great features to match. Nokia 8 is the flagship device from HMD Global that we’ve all be waiting for. With all expectations of Nokia’s fans out there, the release of Nokia 8 makes us curious about all detail about it. Talking about this new device becomes very much exciting, especially when discussing its good and bad things. If you are one of those Nokia’s fans who is waiting to see more about this phone and considering to have one, the Nokia 8 review below may help you decide. You will find the reasons to/not to buy this latest Nokia Android phone.

Design and Display

Physically, the design of Nokia 8 looks dated, not an elite 2017 model that’ll turn heads when you whip this phone out on the train. The overall design looks much identical to the much lower price Nokia 5. The design is one of the key elements for a smartphone to win the fans’ heart for spending their cash for getting the phone, whereas Nokia 8 has a beautiful design, even some people consider this phone as the most beautiful phones with the Nokia branding emblazoned on the back. Well, this compliment comes to an aluminum unibody design of the phone with metal edges. Although the rear is metal too, your choice of which finish you want will determine the feel on the rear. There are two options those are steel and tempered blue colors, but both color options have a matt finish, and they look a little bit lackluster when put next to the shiny copper and also blue options.

Nokia 8 has a thin body design, which is only 7.9mm at its thickest point, but it still feels much comfortable to hold in hand because the edges curve down. It has a 5.3-inch display, so anyone with smaller hands may also feel comfortable using this device. This display is an LCD panel with a QHD resolution and also 720 nits of brightness. This display is pretty high for a current smartphone, where this display is easily viewable although it is in glaring sunlight. When we use this screen to watch the video, it looks beautiful enough. There’s no issue found on this display so far, and until now we are wondering whether Nokia will reveal any virtual reality functionality or not. For anyone who wants to watch the regular video in a great look, Nokia 8 offers the super-bright and high-resolution display that will be a great fit for it. This display provides 554 pixels per inch.

Nokia 8 is also designed with antenna bands which are visible along the top and bottom of the phone to allow the users get a better signal when holding the phone. The fingerprint scanner is placed below the screen; it sits between the two navigation buttons. With this position, it will be easy to reach this fingerprint scanner to unlock the phone. With a single tap on this scanner, you can unlock the phone quickly although the button is quite small. For someone with larger thumbs, make sure you are placing your thumb precisely to unlock the phone. This phone is also splash-resistant at IP54, it means you can use the phone in the rain without any worry for the possible damages. But don’t try to soak it in fluids as you can do with Samsung Galaxy S8 which is waterproof.

Nokia 8 Camera

Just like the most flagship device, apparently, Nokia pushes the camera of Nokia 8 as the selling point of the phone. It is the highlighted feature of a smartphone that can attract the customers more than anything else. The company wants to highlight the Nokia 8 camera tech to make it looks like an impressive setup. Nokia 8 has a dual-sensor array that uses two 13MP shooters. One of those lenses is an RGB lens, while the other one is a monochrome shooter. With the combination of both lenses, you should be able to capture good-quality images even in low light. When it is necessary, there is an option to choose one of those lenses to capture images. Probably you’ll prefer to use the monochrome lens alone because it enables for true filter-free black and white shots. Although it has a promising dual-sensor camera, the result is not as good as we can get from Galaxy S8 or the iPhone 7 Plus. The images don’t look crisp enough on Nokia 8, and we don’t get what is missing here.

For taking selfies, Nokia 8 has a 13MP front-facing camera that should offer you some good sharp selfies which are also good for you when using the new Bothie mode. Yup, it has bothie mode which allows you to use both rear and also a front-facing camera at the same time. Anyhow, bothie is not a new thing because we’ve found this mode on a few other Android phones as well. The key of Nokia 8 selling points is its ability to live stream directly from within the Nokia 8’s camera interface to Facebook and YouTube. You just need to connect it to your social media accounts and then start streaming right away.

We can say that the camera hardware of Nokia 8 is mostly good enough. Sadly, we can’t say the same thing for the camera interface because it is awful, and makes it a complicated affair for finding particular features. If there is a software update, it may help to solve this problem. You can also try to download a third-party app for using Nokia 8 camera.

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Nokia 8 Battery Life

Nokia 8 gives high expectations for all the fans with its Nokia big name which is infamous with the long lasting battery life. That’s why it is very appealing to see more about Nokia 8 battery life. It has 3,090mAh unit; we might think that this phone struggles to power a QHD display as well as driving top-end performance. In fact, Nokia 8 does quite well regarding the battery. With medium to intensive usage, Nokia 8’s battery would last until the end of the day. Therefore, it can be expected to get through the day before recharging if you are someone who uses the phone quite a lot. It may sound quite small for the 3,090mAh cell for a smartphone with a 5.3-inch QHD display, thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset which is very well at handling power. Regarding the battery, Nokia has included a liquid cooling system in Nokia 8 which means the phone shouldn’t get too hot and won’t end up burn out the battery very quickly. The cooling system may also be contributing to the decent battery life of Nokia 8. But here, it lacks wireless charging which is now available on most other flagship devices.

Nokia 8 Review

From what we have discussed above, we can conclude that the Nokia 8 is not the best phone on the current market yet. However, it offers a lot of great features you usually expect from a great device which is well made in attractive design package with a retro name. The price of Nokia 8 is including the Nokia brand price that makes it a bit more expensive than alternatives such as OnePlus 5.