Nokia 9 Camera [Rumors]

Nokia 9 Camera

Nokia 9 Camera Rumors

Nokia 9 Camera – HMD Global has revived the Nokia-branded phone after its vacuum from the tech world. This year, the company released several Nokia-branded phones such as Nokia 3310 remake, Nokia 3, Nokia 5, Nokia 6, and the newly released Nokia 8. Particularly for the release of Nokia 8 which is arguably the best device of the lineup released this year, seems to be a little bit disappointing. The release of Nokia 8 didn’t get a significant attention from media. After it has been a while from the release date of Nokia 8, unsatisfied fans are starting to be curious about the upcoming Nokia 9. They are all making expectations and speculation for the next generation of Nokia flagship will all high-end techs. The one that takes pretty much attention is the rumor of Nokia 9 which is mentioning about the possible camera of the upcoming phone.

As we expect the Nokia 9 as the update of the current Nokia 8, it is supposed to be loaded with all high-end technology to put it on the same level with the current high-end device. We can see that Nokia 8, although it is not nearly impressive, it has something unique that we haven’t found it in the other most flagship. That’s right; we can find the unique thing on the camera of Nokia 8. The newly released Nokia 8 camera has a particular mode which is called as dual-sight camera mode that allows us to launch both front and rear-facing camera altogether and use both cameras to capture images or videos at the same time. The results of using this dual-sight mode that we can call it as ‘bothie’ are capable of being live streaming to Facebook or YouTube. It’s quite rare, isn’t it? From here, we are wondering about what kind of ‘rare’ thing of Nokia 9 camera we will get? It is expected to be much better than this, isn’t it? If you have the same curiosity of what will the Nokia 9 come up with just like us, here is what we heard about Nokia 9 camera and features.

Nokia 9 camera leaks

A recent leak of Nokia 9 is showing us about the possible camera and design of the next flagship. The rumors led to a dual-camera and also a more recent leak backs that up, which also claims it will have a 22MP dual-lens Carl Zeiss snapper on the rear and a 12MP camera on the selfie camera. The rumored specifications for the Nokia 9 camera seems to have more megapixels than most phones. Still, these are not quite a match for the Nokia Lumia 1020 camera which is 41MP. Megapixels of a camera isn’t everything, of course. That’s why latest flagship including the newly released Nokia 8 have settled on the back cameras of around 12 or 13MP. Therefore, if Nokia 9 arrives with such rear camera around 12 or 13MP, it remains to be seen how good the cameras will be. For the second lens of the rear camera, we don’t have a clue that is telling us about what will it be used for. Possibly, this second lens will be used for an optical zoom like usual, or to provide wide-angle shots, or any possible thing. As the Nokia 8 which has a monochrome lens and also an RGB one, which is very good to combine to get better shots especially when its lack lights, so this is what we suspect for the Nokia 9.

Potential features of Nokia 9

The camera is one of the Nokia 8’s selling points of, which is also expected to be on the upcoming Nokia 9. Recently, there is a report which has been confirmed by HMD Global about its collaboration with Zeiss optics is back on for the next Nokia. Zeis is reportedly “rekindling its commitment to set new imaging standards for Nokia customers.” From this report, we are expecting to see a dual-camera as the leaks which are potential to be 13MP with separate RGB and monochrome sensors. We may also find another one with 13MP for the front-facing camera. This feature is what we want to see for getting updated to be better than the Bothie photos of the Nokia 8. There is a source that is also mentioning another leak for the Nokia 9 features such as 3D audio recording, an iris scanner, and a fingerprint scanner. Well, based on the rumors, Nokia 9 is supposed to have both an iris scanner and also a fingerprint scanner for the security feature. Besides that, the upcoming Nokia is also rumored to have OZO audio enhancements. It is a Nokia tech that creates a surround sound effect when we are recording audio. With this tech, a smartphone with four microphones can record 3D audio. We don’t have a further clue about how many mics the Nokia 9 will have, so we don’t know further about the feature.