Nokia 9 User Manual PDF

Nokia 9 Manual

Nokia 9: All You Need to Know

Nokia 9 Manual: The Nokia 9 is an upgraded version of the Nokia 8. The phone is said to have a larger 5.7in display and an extra 2GB of RAM. Base on an FCC listing, we can expect to see a much better specs of Nokia smartphone this year.

Release Date

What about Nokia 9 release date? The good news is Nokia 9 launch date is now confirmed.  HMD Global is returning to MWC to launch its Nokia phone series, including Nokia 9. The company will have its event on February 25th.

HMD Global is expected to launch not only Nokia 9 at the event but also other handsets like Nokia 1, which an Android Go powered device for the low-end market, an updated version of Nokia 6, and Nokia 3310 4G. To date there’s no official statement regarding the Nokia 9 release date just yet.

Specs and Feature

The hottest rumor on Nokia 9 suggests that the phone could have five camera lenses and a powerful chipset.  Can you imagine that? A phone with four camera lenses are great, but Nokia 9 will surely be a hot phone with its five lenses.

According to a note by user posting on Chinese site Baidu, Nokia 9 will have seven camera holes, five for lenses and two for an LED flash. It’s not clear where will Nokia put the lenses but we can predict that we might see three lenses on the back and two lenses on the front.

The five cameras on Nokia 9 is rumored to be a dual-lens Carl Zeiss camera, a telephoto or wide-angle lens, and a dual-lens front-facing camera. The dual-lens Carl Zeiss snapper will be 22MP on the back and 12MP on the front.

Previous rumor suggests that Nokia 9 will have two lenses on each side, so we better wait for the official announcement to make sure about the five camera lenses on Nokia 9.

A source claimed that Nokia 9 will be powered by a top end chip, Snapdragon 845 chipset. The phone will also have 4GB, 6GB or 8GB of RAM and will run Android 7 or later software. Meanwhile, other source claimed that the Nokia 9 will also have an Adreno 540 GPU and run Android Nougat 7.1.2.

Nokia 9 is also said to be powered by a 3,800mAh battery with fast charging feature. Other rumored features include 3D audio recording, an iris scanner and a fingerprint scanner. OZO audio enhancements is also said to be available on the phone.


There is no official statement regarding Nokia 9 price just yet but some sources predict that Nokia 9 will be priced at a roughly $560 starting price and will be more expensive for the higher storage capacities models.

Recent rumors suggest that the 64GB Nokia 9 model will be available at 3,699 yuan or around $560, while the 128GB Nokia 9 will be available at 4,199 yuan or roughly $635.

Nokia 9 Manual

Nokia 9 user guide contains detail Nokia 9 tutorial on how to get started which will allow you to master the basics on how to use the phone. You will learn on how to connect with your friends and family, how to master the camera or how to maximize the use of internet and connections you have via the phone.

Enjoying music and videos, how to organize your day, how to use Maps and other Apps and services as well as software updates and backups will be explained in detail for your convenience.

User Guide in PDF

Learn more on how to protect your phone with Nokia 9 manual. The Nokia 9 user manual guise also contains product and safety information you need to know. Read and download the Nokia 9 user guide in pdf file and get the most out of your new handset.